What is Thermography?
Thermography uses infrared radiation to create an image which is unaffected by visible light. This non-destructive, investigative tool can provide valuable information which may be used to gain a more detailed and accurate assessment of a building by showing temperature differences.

A thermographic scan can be highly effective at uncovering defects which may not be visible
to the naked eye.

Thermal imaging technology goes hand in hand with our experience as home inspectors. A thermographer without knowledge of building systems lacks the essential background to thoroughly diagnose problems discovered using infrared imaging.

Our certified thermographer is factory trained at Flir's state-of-the-art facility in Burlington, ON.

Thermography can help you discover:

  • heat loss and air infiltration
  • structural defects
  • plumbing leaks
  • missing, damaged, or wet insulation
  • moisture intrusion that could lead to mold
  • broken seals on double pane windows
  • hidden roof leaks before they cause serious damage
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