For Sellers

Preparing Your Home For an Inspection
Home inspectors are discouraged from moving personal items which may be restricting access to areas  requiring inspecting. This may result in an incomplete inspection or even a discouraged buyer being "turned off" believing the seller is trying to hide defects.

It is in everyone's best interests to provide easy access to the following areas:

  • attic/crawlspace door(s)
  • water meter and main water feed and drain
  • furnace and hot water heater area
  • air conditioning unit and area
  • main electrical panel (please provide 1 metre clear space in front of panel)
  • interior foundation walls especially corners

Please remember to:

  • take pets to a friend or relatives. This is for the safety of all concerned, including your pets.
  • turn off computers and any sensitive electrical equipment.
  • not leave valuables (jewelry, money, etc.) in plain sight.

After the Inspection
We do our best to leave your home as we found it. However, sometimes electrical appliances may have to be temporarily unplugged. Please check clocks, especially alarm clocks. Ensure that thermostats are set to your desired settings.

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